Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back on Track

I rode to grandma's house and back a couple of times with my 4yo. Once hauling him in the tyke trailer and once with him on his little bike. By the time I went for my ride I wasn't sure if I was going to ride very far. I wasn't sure I was up to going as far as last solo ride really. I was thinking more like 1.5 miles.

By the time I got to the 3/4 mile mark I was thinking, "If I don't push myself how am I going to ever get in shape enough to ride 20 miles to work?" So I figured I'd at least go for 2.5 miles or 3.

My son was pretty upset that I didn't let him come with me. (He had run to the end of our long driveway and I had to send him back to mom.) Around 1-1/4 miles a car passes me and it's DW giving him a ride to go with dad.

She tailed me and it was kind of nice having company even if I couldn't actually see and talk to them. As with my last longer ride, by the time I hit the final corner on our road I could see the stop sign and it it was just too close to stop.

By the time I hit the sign I was still feeling good so I headed down the county highway until my chain slipped off while shifting to a lower gear. DW had stopped but drove up to check what was wrong. She said it was 2.3 miles at that point and asked if I wanted her to wait at 2.5. Sounded good to me so tonight I did 5 miles finally.

I managed to stay out of the lowest gear (barely) and if I had bothered tracking time the other rides I'm pretty sure I averaged a bit better mph than other rides. Guess my lesson tonight is even when I don't think I can do the ride I should I need to just get out and try.

I did have an ice cream cone tonight but I don't feel guilty about it. Even less so now that I hit 5 miles.

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